This year's plays were selected through a blind submission process from over 1,100 plays. Twelve plays were presented as part of the festival the week of October 8-12, 2014 at Teatro Circulo in NYC. One additional play was selected as an alternate, and is published along with the produced plays in the second volume of The Collective:10 Play Anthology.

The plays were presented in rep in two programs of six plays each: Program A and Program B.


Cafe D'Automatique
by Dave Hanson

directed by Susan Aston
featuring Collective ensemble members Patrick Bonck, Victoria Dicce and Robert Z Grant

4am: Redmond & Meda
by Stephen Hancock

directed by Kristin Wheeler
featuring Collective colleagues Francis Benhamou and Rodrigo Lopresti

Key To My Heart
by Peter M. Carrozzo

directed by Cassie Freeman
featuring Collective ensemble members Margaret Champagne and Dave Hanson

Nothing Is Free
by Terry Milner

directed by Rebecca Brillhart
featuring Collective ensemble member John D'Ornellas with  colleague Joe McCarthy

quick fix
by Brian Leider

directed by Booker Garrett and Kevin Kane
featuring Rich Pecci and Stephen Vause

Rocket Sex
by Bob DeRosa

directed by Chris Beetem
featuring Collective ensemble member Lisa Kicielinski with colleague Rock Kohli


Aunt Sylvia Is Dead
by Jenny Rachel Weiner

Directed by Robert Z Grant and JB Roté
featuring Collective ensemble members Margaret Champagne, Nina Mehta and Daniel O'Shea with colleagues Sat Charn Fox, Joan Porter, JB Roté and Naomi Warner

by Elin Hampton

directed by Margaret Champagne
featuring Collective ensemble member Karen Chamberlain with colleague John Norwell

Good Working With Hands
by Erin Mallon

directed by Greg Naughton
featuring Collective ensemble member Mike Houston with colleague Chris Beetem

Shadow Saint
by Mark Borkowski

directed by Karen Chamberlain
featuring Collective ensemble member Khalil Muhammad with Wendi Joy Franklin

Uncle Silas
by Sayra Player

directed by Sayra Player
featuring Collective ensemble members Booker Garrett and Kevin Kane

Watertown, Mass
by Craig McNulty

directed by Mike Houston
featuring Collective ensemble member Swann Gruen with colleague Lacy Marie Meyer