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Our Mission


The Collective unites professional artists who share a responsibility to create work in the contemporary American Theatre that is emotionally truthful, socially relevant, and defiantly accessible.

The company was established in the tradition of the Group Theatre out of a belief that the current conditions of commercialized theatre necessitate collective action.

Commitment to a permanent ensemble distinguishes The Collective. Through a shared vocabulary, uniform technique, and continual practice, the group pursues a common purpose: to establish a theatre that is uncompromising, relevant, and inclusive.


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The Collective began in 2007, when several recent graduates of the William Esper Studio came together to continue to create and produce work that built on their recent training and the strengths and talents of their colleagues. The Collective began to provide a network and a place where these individuals can showcase their talents.

So Collective Mondays were born. These work sessions provide a space for company members to come together and support and elevate each other's craft. These sessions also provide a unique and unconventional approach to a development process. Our writers and actors develop work in studio sessions in order to grow and enrich stories and storytelling to bring to the stage.   From race to politics, from romance to religion, our members are encouraged to bring their ideas and voices to test them out on Collective Mondays. Our writers and actors then receive feedback from respected colleagues in a safe space and from that feedback develop the idea into producible work.

Our plays and films have won awards and engaged audiences for many years. Founding member, Amy Schumer developed the Emmy award winning TV series Inside Amy Schumer and Train Wreck in our Monday sessions. 

Giving Back


The Collective NY is a not-for-profit production company, with a mission to keep theater accessible to people who would otherwise be excluded.  We achieve that mission through our No Empty Seats campaign.