The Collective NY seeks submissions of plays and screenplays of all lengths for review, development and production consideration. Please read the requirements and guidelines below, and then go to the Submission Form to submit your play/screenplay.

Scripts should engage truthful and behavior-driven storytelling. We are seeking new works that have not been produced or published, nor planned for production or publication, prior to submission. Production of a play counts as having been presented in multiple performances without scripts in hand. (Readings, workshops and workshop productions are excluded and plays that have received such are eligible for submission). Production of a screenplay counts as any work previously filmed and screened publicly via online or broadcast media, festivals and all other public screenings.

After submitting the form you will be given instructions about where to email your work (PDF files preferred). 

For submissions of multiple works by the same writer/author, please register and subsequently submit each one separately.


Finally, the boring-but-all-important legalese:

As producing artists, we make every effort to ensure that your rights and interests are protected.

By submitting your work, whether solicited or unsolicited, you agree that:

 1. You warrant and represent that the material submitted is original to you and that you are the sole author and owner of all intellectual property rights related to the material; moreover, the material has not been licensed or authorized for use by any other party than The Collective NY.

2. If your work is selected for further development, The Collective NY, a non-profit in the state of NY, may produce the play one or several times at neither costs nor profits to the author(s).

3. You agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless The Collective NY, its Board, and its members against any and all claims, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses arising out of the submission of your material to, as well as its possible production by, The Collective NY.

4. If your work is selected for development or production, The Collective NY may publish the play in an anthology corresponding to the production, at neither costs nor profits to the author(s), and publishing would be accompanied by a separate licensing agreement.

5. The Collective and its members constantly receive and review various materials for the purpose of producing and performing in various media. As a result, any similarity between your submitted material and materials being considered, produced or performed, currently or in the future, by The Collective NY or its members is coincidental; moreover, you waive all right to bring claims in any court against The Collective NY or its members in any action related to the submitted material alleging infringement of any intellectual property rights.

6. The Collective NY can use your name, image and likeness in print and electronic materials for promotional purposes. If your play is selected, you will receive billing (typographical credit) on all publicity, programs, and advertising distributed or authorized by The Collective NY and/or the production venue.

7. You retain script approval and ownership of any suggested changes arising out of the rehearsal process.

8. You, the author(s), retain all rights, title, and interest in and to the submitted work except that The Collective NY may use excerpts from the work in promotions.

9. The selection decisions of The Collective NY are final, and The Collective NY is under no obligation to produce or publish any submission.

10. If selected for production and/or publishing, future publishings/productions of this work will reference any inaugural appearance with The Collective NY with the following language: [submitted title], by [author], was first produced by The Collective NY in [year].